I have this space inside me that’s sad, dark and lonely and I wonder if it will ever go away because for now, it feels as if it’s here to stay. I think that maybe it will wear out its welcome and I will push it away but then I feel like I will be left with nothing.

Don’t piss me off.

So I wake up at 2 am with like terrible tooth pain and I’m searching EVERYWHERE for oragel to hopefully help with the pain. After a while I’m crying and searching! I couldn’t take it anymore, I was eyeing the tequila but knew that really wouldn’t help, so I drove to walmart……. at 2am….. apparently they were having a party and no one sent me that memo, who hangs out at walmart at 2am? Anyways, I get the oragel, go to the car and I’m ripping the package open and get the tube out only to find out that the tip has to be cut……. just kill me. I get home, basically unload everything from this tub into my mouth. My whole mouth is numb except for my tooth.

It really sucks being so poor.